The Value of MindManagers Pen Mode for the Tablet PC

MindManager has for many years supported the pen mode for use on a Tablet PC. I think I started using it in 2003. It has been a great way for me to take notes at meetings. My old mind mapping blank sheet note books have hardly been used since then. My process is to record the meeting and then convert it ink afterwards. This gives me a good opportunity to review the content, add any information that comes to mind and actions. The conversion from ink to text is not perfect and occasionally you get some very humorous results. It used to be that the ink to text conversion with MindManager was better than that in XP for the Tablet PC but Vista has leapt ahead. It is possible to create a map in normal mode using Vista ink to text panel on the fly and the pen flicks to insert new topics. However this is not my preference. I still use MindManager's ink mode with it's gestures and hand writing to map meetings. The quality of the ink in the JPG version of MindManager file does not match the quality you get on Tablet PC screen. Andrew Wilcox &
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