Using Networking to form Collaborative Teams to get BIG Jobs

I have been using the Tablet PC with MindManager for 4 years. Its great. This morning I walked in to a Networking Meeting at 07:30. I talked to the organiser about a presentation I had proposed to her months ago on collaboration where up on she said the planned presenter was in hospital. Would you do it in 60 minutes time? Yes. Aagh! I had thought about it but not prepared it. Out with the Tablet PC. MindManager Ink Mode. Map the presentation. 7 Main Topics and some sub topics. Presentation starts: turn on timer top left, show plan Main Topics only, tell a story, invite audience to think about consequences of collaboration, map their responses live in ink, tell another story, invite audience to think about actions they could take to collaborate more, map their response. Thank you very much job done. 90 minutes later an email with a PDF of the maps in text and links to my conferenceREACTION web site have gone of to the organiser for forwarding to the attendees. MindManager on a Tablet PC is magic. Andrew Wilcox
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