Taming Your Gremlin Mind Map

At first glance, this Mind Map may look frightening, yet it is very innocent and there is no need to be alarmed! It highlights some of the key elements of a wonderful book by Rick Carson called "Taming Your Gremlin - A surprisingly simple method for getting out of your own way" ISBN 006 0520221 Originally printed in 1983 and expanded and updated in 2003 this book presents a fun and novel way to explore and overcome your inner conflicts. Wonderfully illustrated throughout by Novle Rogers "Taming Your Gremlin" will help you transcend self-defeating behaviors and beliefs. It is easy to read, laid-back yet powerful and it works! In a nutshell - the natural you is the observer of your thoughts (your higher self) and your Gremlin is the voice inside your head that picks fault in everything and comes up with plausible excuses, blocks and general negativity. Your Gremlin is the one that right now is saying - "This sounds silly - I don't need another self-help book". The natural you is intrigued and thinks: "This sounds interesting - where can I get a copy?" Read a review at http://www.spiritualinspiration.co.uk The marvelous Gremlin Training Institute website can be found here: http://www.tamingyourgremlin.com This is a Mind Map that your Gremlin won't want you to read! More example Mind Maps at http://www.mindmapinspiration.co.uk and Mind Map Inspiration Blog http://www.mindmapinspiration.com
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