Concept Map Wikipedia Surfing

A FreeMind mind map describing my path from the Wikipedia article on Concept Maps. I clicked on various hyperlinks from that page. Each node in this map represents a clicked hyperlink's target. I wish Firefox's history recorded paths and exported them in a format like this. Making a tree diagram of the path took a lot of effort. Copy-and-paste a title to a new node. Add an excerpted snippet to the Notes of the node. Copy-and-paste the URL of the page to the node. Watch for duplicates, mark the originals, and add an internal link from the later instance to the original. Add attributes to show the Wikipedia Categories, if applicable. Why doesn't the computer have an AUTOMATE THIS! button? The map shows me where I curiosity led me from Concept Maps out to the most peripheral interests. In other words, this bout of curiosity has a shape of its own. A sort of topology of study, if you like. Some of the terrain seemed familiar, some seemed wholly novel. The node background colors have the same signifieds as in my earlier map.
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