complex systems

I have drawn this map to introduce the concept of complex systems and to invite people to read the book Viaggio nella complessità - Journey into complexity by Alberto F. De Toni, Luca Comello Men are compelled to travel. Today old, outdated ideas are waning and it is time for an intellectual journey into complexity. Life and everything stemming from it is far from having reached equilibrium – it is constantly seeking the new and improbable. This book is a smooth journey into the theory of complexity – but is above all an invitation to embark on the continuous question for the fleeting creative moment, where every new arrival is a new departure. Those who want to imagine the future, those who have a dream, will be inspired to venture into the mysterious and fascinating territory on the edge of chaos. Well aware that their future may also depend on chance. roberta buzzacchino_mappe_mentali_blog
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