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Notes made during a free seminar at the City of London Business Library by Kim Dolman from This map contains so…
LiamHughes 12 January 2012
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MindManager Map
Use this when you are planning to assign a task to someone reporting to you. The more complex the task, the more detailed and precise it needs to be. …
Skoona 17 February 2012
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MindManager Map
This mind map shows a way one can document use-case scenarios as test cases and then use the Microsoft Word export feature to auto document the test c…
kingtermite 17 October 2011
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MindManager Map
If any aspect of your job involves identifying and planning for potential risks, then a mind map can be a great way to do this, especially in the earl…
jradcliffe 10 February 2011
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MindManager Map
A Test Design template to use as a starting point for testing a software feature.
qofdnz 04 July 2012
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XMind Map
Comment concevoir un cours en utilisant le mindmapping ? Voici un exemple de scenario pedagogique simple pour vous montrer le parti qu'on peut tirer …
linguafranca 29 August 2012
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XMind Map
Need analysis before a project began
Subhasish 12 February 2014
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XMind Map
This mind map of Structured Ananlytic Techniques (SATs) is based on the Families and Linkages chart found in Heuer and Pherson's Structured Analyt…
rlagill 12 August 2020
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MindManager Map
This map was prepared for a presentation set for a job interview for a senior business analyst role. The Scenario I was given is shown at 1 o'clo…
MikeP99 01 September 2017
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MindManager Map
A simple mind map template used with individuals and teams to help think through particular challenges, problems etc. A few simple questions/prompts c…
biggerplate 08 June 2018
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MindManager Map
Learn more about the wide range of diagrams in this mind map. It helps to choose which type of diagram fits most to your scenario and needs.
Hannah_Hill 01 March 2019
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MindMeister Map
The COVID-19 pandemic ended a record 11-year bull run of the U.S. stock market. This, coupled with an oil price crash instigated by Saudi Arabia and R…
arpit_banjara 17 April 2020
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XMind Map


Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes will share his approach for goal setting using mind maps! Whether you're doing some personal goal mind mapping, or set…
Liam Hughes 08 January 2020
Yogin will share how he and his advisors use mind maps to present Financial Plans and overall communicate with clients in an interesting and engaging …
Yogin Sabnis 10 March 2020
The challenge is to increase website traffic. The key is a strategic SEO plan. Sean Mitton will discuss how Mind Mapping and Search Engine Optimizatio…
Sean Mitton 28 January 2020
Remote working is increasing, whether that is on-site, on the move or at home. Geography no longer limits us; technologies such as e-mail, file sharin…
Barry Jenner 24 March 2020
Spoken Arabic is very different from the written language (unlike many other languages). Juliana will share how she trains English speaking people in …
Juliana Khalil 06 April 2020
Helen uses mind maps to help individuals navigate the complexities of separation or divorce, as well as other complex relationship areas. In this webi…
Helen Slater 20 April 2020
Join this MindManager software session with Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to learn a step by step approach to building a Personal Organiser mind map…
Liam Hughes 14 April 2020
Join this PRO software session with Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to learn how MindMeister can help you conduct effective strategic analysis, and d…
Liam Hughes 28 April 2020
Join this PRO software session with Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to learn how MindManager can help you conduct effective strategic analysis, and de…
Liam Hughes 19 May 2020
In this webinar Yasir will explore risk management planning, risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis (using Monte Carlo simula…
Yasir Masood 04 May 2020
For many people, mind mapping software can be frustrating. It’s challenging to create clear, concise and easy to understand mind maps consistently. Ho…
Chuck Frey 11 May 2020
Join this PRO software session with Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to learn a step by step approach to building a Personal Organiser mind map 'dashbo…
Liam Hughes 02 June 2020
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