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A Mind Map used to help answer the questions for my Biggerplate Case study.
mindforaviation 09 September 2016
100% match
iMindMap Map
Use this template to capture the reasoning for initiating a project or task. Document the current situation and the proposed solution laying out the e…
mindgenius 04 March 2013
86% match
MindGenius Map
This map gathers the advantages, generalities and uses about the Mind Mapping.
Signos 16 January 2012
79% match
MindManager Map
This is a mind map that permits one to assemble a Porter Five Forces diagram. This is a useful map for finding out what market forces are impacting yo…
olin_r 03 September 2012
79% match
ConceptDraw Map
This map shows how mind mapping can be used effectively in alternative dispute resolution, particularly in mediation where the mediator needs to ident…
rvitaris 19 October 2020
78% match
MindManager Map
This idea map was created by Drew Davis from Larimer County Government. He used to prepare an innovation award nomination presentation (using PowerPoi…
JamieNast 08 April 2014
75% match
MindManager Map
Geography mind map looking at the floods in Boscastle - a good case study for MEDC flooding
mindgenius 22 September 2014
74% match
MindGenius Map
Mind map outlining the potential uses and benefits of mind maps in education
PeteTillotson 09 July 2014
74% match
MindManager Map
Mind map created at the Biggerplate Unplugged Utrecht (Netherlands) event at October 9th 2013. Hans Buskes on the application of mind mapping in gener…
ConnectionofMinds 15 October 2013
72% match
MindManager Map
This is the mind map Philippe shared during his presentation at Biggerplate Connect: Mind Mapping for Creativity & Innovation on 29 April 22. It h…
biggerplate 01 May 2022
72% match
MindManager Map definition of mind mapping with some embellishments.
mikeetbear 07 September 2009
70% match
MindManager Map
This is an example of how a complete chapter can be Mind Mapped. This can also be converted into a video which can be used for quick revisions. The vi…
ManeeshDutt 14 July 2020
70% match
iMindMap Map


Retired Judge Richard Vitaris shows you how to best use mind maps in preparing for and winning your case. Rich explores the use of mind mapping for Ca…
Rich Vitaris 09 September 2022
100% match
In this webinar Toyer Mamoojee will share how he uses Mind Maps in the Software Development world. Software Testing is crucial in establishing a high …
Toyer Mamoojee 31 July 2018
88% match
Mind mapping software allows users to brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. Using mind mapping, a Program Manager can more effectively se…
Jim Franklin 16 February 2023
87% match
Tatiana will explore the many applications of mind mapping in the virtual learning arena. She will share a selection of case studies showing how she u…
Tatiana Torres 31 March 2022
81% match
This webinar will explore ways in which mind maps can be applied to different stages of the litigation process from case analysis to negotiation settl…
Magnus Boyd 20 July 2020
81% match
Parties use alternative dispute resolution to resolve legal disputes and courts may even order litigants to participate in mediation. ADR pros can use…
Rich Vitaris 01 September 2020
81% match
In this Biggerplate PRO webinar, Surbhi Mahnot will show you how to get started with user cases, user stories and UML diagrams with mind mapped requir…
Surbhi Mahnot 05 July 2017
72% match
Administrative judge Richard W. Vitaris will present how to use mind mapping to analyze legal issues, prepare for litigation, better understand comple…
Rich Vitaris 03 November 2017
72% match
For years, visual thinking tools could be neatly divided into three categories: mind mapping, concept mapping and diagramming. But that's no longer th…
Chuck Frey 25 May 2023
72% match
Philippe and Graham will discuss and share innovative and inspiring examples of how people have used mind mapping to enhance and enable visual thinkin…
Philippe Boukobza 29 April 2022
35% match
In this webinar Kranthi will illustrate how mind mapping can enable team alignment,and foster collaboration. He will explore how to use mapping for pr…
Kranthi Kiran 11 May 2021
25% match
Successful leaders of the world (irrespective of their fields) have been found to have a common quality that differentiates them from others, it is a …
Dr Subra Mukherjee 23 March 2021
24% match
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