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This is an example lesson plan mind map used during a presentation on the use of mind mapping for higher education faculty. The subject matter and top…
LiamHughes 18 December 2020
100% match
MindManager Map
Use this template to plan a lesson.
inspirationsoftware 04 January 2021
97% match
Inspiration Map
Use this Lesson Plan to quickly map out learning objectives and outcomes and gather your thoughts on what you need to cover. This map will enable you …
mindgenius 20 April 2018
93% match
MindGenius Map
Example of a class plan for the 3rd grade of elementary school.
ToniKrasnic 06 November 2012
90% match
XMind Map
This mind map will help you plan out the key information that you want to share with each of your priority audiences, and how you will do this to ensu…
biggerplate 11 June 2019
89% match
MindManager Map
Use this simple mind map template to conduct a rapid action planning process as part of the retrospective for your completed project sprint.
biggerplate 01 March 2021
47% match
Inspiration Map
lesson plan for Here Comes Everybody
jlroyal 27 November 2018
45% match
iThoughts Map
This mind map is a summary of the book Plan B How to Hatch a Second Plan That's Always Better Than Your First by David Kord Murray which talks about t…
tfahmy666 20 September 2012
44% match
iMindMap Map
During 1998 I completed the ECB's Level One Cricket Coaching course. This map links to further maps stored on my PC, some of which you will find on Bi…
ajwilcox 11 March 2011
44% match
MindManager Map
The one-stop checklist for any teacher to prepare and deliver engaging lessons.
iMindMap 27 April 2011
44% match
iMindMap Map
Best practices on how to prepare for and present lectures using MindGenius.
mindgenius 15 December 2011
44% match
MindGenius Map
This mind map template will help you better organize and prepare for delivering your upcoming lecture.
imindq 27 June 2018
44% match
iMindQ Map


In this webinar, Jim Franklin will share best practices and lessons learned in creating an online course for Project Management. Discover how to use m…
Jim Franklin 09 April 2018
100% match
In this session Tuba Kizilkan explores mind mapping templates that are invaluable for teachers in preparing, delivering and assessing lessons, and stu…
Tuba Kızılkan 30 March 2023
82% match
Based on her 12 years of experience in teaching and mentoring youth, Subra strongly believes in the need to redefine the way the teaching-learning pro…
Dr Subra Mukherjee 31 March 2022
71% match
In this PRO webinar, Khady will share how her own learning was inspired at a mind mapping workshop in Paris, how she applied that learning to help chi…
Khady Ndoye 15 July 2019
68% match
In this webinar, Hannah will discuss the benefits of mindmapping when teaching in both primary and secondary schools. She will focus on educating bili…
Hannah Wayne 04 May 2021
57% match
During this session, you will discover how Philippe Packu turns Mind Maps into a practical tool for success. Mind Mapping has many virtues but when it…
Philippe Packu 30 March 2023
38% match
"Strategic planning" is a contradiction in terms. Strategies and plans are very different things, and a plan is not a substitute for a strategy. In th…
Nick Duffill 19 January 2023
33% match
A Strategic Plan is an opportunity for a group, organization or collection of organizations to think about the future. A framework to guide the planni…
Jerry Mings 13 April 2021
31% match
Brian will show how he introduces mind mapping to clients before a strategic planning session. He will explore some of the strategic planning scenario…
Brian Clark 04 September 2019
31% match
Financial planning by its nature is heavily process dependent. It requires tracking a large quantity of details, with “if-then” decisions. Mind mapp…
Joel A. Larsen 30 October 2018
29% match
In this live webinar, we'll explore a practical approach to business planning with MindManager. Whether you're thinking of starting a new business, or…
Liam Hughes 08 July 2020
29% match
Yogin Sabnis will discuss how mind maps helped him to simplify and explain financial planning concepts in his book "Financial Planning, Money Maps and…
Yogin Sabnis 17 November 2020
29% match
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