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This is an example lesson plan mind map used during a presentation on the use of mind mapping for higher education faculty. The subject matter and top…
LiamHughes 18 December 2020
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MindManager Map
This one is a printable student progress template
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iMindMap Map
This mind map template will help you to prepare for your courses and lectures.
imindq 26 June 2018
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iMindQ Map
Template to help identify areas of a school that can be improved from the teaching in the classrooms to the way the School is covered in the media.
mindgenius 31 July 2013
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MindGenius Map
An overview of best teaching techniques as described by Eric Jensen in his book "Teaching with poverty in Mind"
tfahmy666 07 June 2014
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iMindMap Map
This mind map delves into the aspects of teaching a new language to a non-native learner. It focusses on the three key aspects: * Language Elements…
rupak.sinha 27 February 2017
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iMindMap Map
This is an update to the map already on Biggerplate. However, in this map there are links to the Zoom cheat sheet for Make use of. These are all the k…
Graham0921 29 May 2020
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iThoughts Map
The Presentation-Practice-Production (PPP) teaching technique is an often used teaching methodology for the English language.
rupak.sinha 19 May 2017
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iMindMap Map
Dorothy Howie - teaching think skills lecture University of Antwerp
marinaderoover 07 January 2016
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iMindMap Map
A key element in the adaptation and innovation process during the Covid-19 response was provided by technology. This Mind Map has been adapted from th…
Graham0921 27 May 2020
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iThoughts Map
Tournament bracket template for field of 16.
simtech 20 October 2016
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MindMapper Map
Use this MindNode mind map template for ADDIE Instructional Design (ID) method as a framework in designing and developing educational and training pro…
graham 28 November 2021
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MindNode Map


In this webinar, Hannah will discuss the benefits of mindmapping when teaching in both primary and secondary schools. She will focus on educating bili…
Hannah Wayne 04 May 2021
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In this session Tuba Kizilkan explores mind mapping templates that are invaluable for teachers in preparing, delivering and assessing lessons, and stu…
Tuba Kızılkan 30 March 2023
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Based on her 12 years of experience in teaching and mentoring youth, Subra strongly believes in the need to redefine the way the teaching-learning pro…
Dr Subra Mukherjee 31 March 2022
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In this session Liam will explore a practical set of reusable mind map templates to support essential marketing activities, including campaign and con…
Liam Hughes 27 May 2022
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Dr Andrew Makar explores the vital elements of preparation for a job interview. He offers invaluable tips, examples and a template for compiling key i…
Andrew Makar 04 October 2020
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Especially during this challenging year, personal journaling is a great practice for health and mindfulness. In this session with Hilary Grosskopf, a …
Hilary Grosskopf 17 November 2020
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In this webinar David will share examples of how he uses mind maps in construction arenas, including the provision of process guides/checklists, manag…
David Willson 06 February 2019
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Retired Judge Richard Vitaris shows you how to best use mind maps in preparing for and winning your case. Rich explores the use of mind mapping for Ca…
Rich Vitaris 09 September 2022
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Liam has used mind mapping in his work consulting, coaching and training with leaders since he founded Biggerplate in 2008. During this session he wil…
Liam Hughes 27 October 2022
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Graham has used mind mapping in his work with managers in global organisations, charities and small to medium sized businesses. During this session he…
Graham Hughes 27 October 2022
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This webinar will assist teachers and anyone interested (Parents most especially) in how to teach children mind mapping. It will highlight the type of…
Suleiman Shaibu 27 May 2019
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Peter seeks to inspire or help teachers and students in their schools. He uses mind maps a lot to prepare, teach, summarize, and brainstorm. He will s…
Peter te Riele 08 January 2019
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